A Night in the Village

Peter Blanchette • The Virtual Consort
with Charlie Schneeweis, trumpet
and Jean Chian, bass guitar

A Night in the VillageListeners who enjoyed the recordings of Les Voix Mysterieuses Bulgaires, (The Bulgarian Women’s Chorus), will find this CD delightful as well. Here, Peter Blanchette imaginatively arranged Bela Bartok’s folk-music inspired compositions. The arrangements portray the original source, folk music groups of Hungary, Romania, and the Balkans.

Peter Blanchette’s original compositions are forays into a new and elegant trio sound. The archguitar, bass and trumpet share roles of equal melodic importance. Track #8, Secret Tango, was a sleeper audience favorite. The post-psychedelic Hip Hugger is a fresh take on the18th century harpsichord virtuoso Francois Couperin. This music explores new territories with lovely results.

This groundbreaking recording features the original version of Had Miles Met Maurice, the critically praised composition by Peter Blanchette with Charlie Schneeweis. The piece is an imaginary collaboration between Miles Davis, founder of cool Jazz, and Maurice Ravel, impressionist genius.

Photo: Live broadcast performance of National Public Radio’s A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, Town Hall, New York featuring The Virtual Consort with Peter Blanchette playing music from A Night in the Village.
L-R: Charlie Schneeweis, trumpet, Jean Chain, bass guitar, Peter Blanchette, archguitar. The trio won top prize in the show’s prestigious Talent from Towns Under Two Thousand contest, 1998.

Night in the Village
"[Blanchette is] simply brilliant...
his hands fly across the strings of this,
his self-designed instrument..."

-- Rob Weir, Advocate Papers

      Available only in digital download format

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