J. S. Bach Suites III, V, VI

J.S. Bach: Suites III, V & VI
Originally for cello solo
Peter Blanchette, 11-string alto archguitar

J.S. Bach: The Suites for Cello SoloIn 1717, Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Köthen hired thirty-four year old J.S. Bach as court composer after hearing Bach perform at his sister’s wedding. Prince Leopold adored Bach and was his patron for the creation of the Brandenburg Concertos, the Well-Tempered Clavier, the Sonatas and Partitas for violin solo and the Six Suites for cello solo, along with many of Bach’s most important secular works.

Bach composed the suites for cello, arguably the most perfectly expressive music ever written, over the period in which he suffered the tragic death of his first wife and subsequently met and joyfully married Anna Magdalena. In 1723, Prince Leopold was forced to dissolve his court music for financial reasons, and Bach’s later employment was fraught with chronic hardship. Bach wrote of the Köthen period, “There I had a gracious Prince as master, who knew music as well as he loved it, and I hoped to remain in his service until the end of my life.”

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Click on the song titles to hear demos of Bach: Suites III, V & VI for Cello Solo
track | song min:sec
SUITE III, BWV 1009 For Cello Solo
01 | Suite III (BWV 1009) Prelude 4:39
02 | Suite III (BWV 1009) Allemande 2:32
03 | Suite III (BWV 1009) Courante 3:09
04 | Suite III (BWV 1009) Sarabande 5:06
05 | Suite III (BWV 1009) Bourrées I & II 3:02
06 | Suite III (BWV 1009) Gigue 4:26
SUITE V, BWV 1011 For Cello Solo
07 | Suite V (BWV 1011) Prelude 6:39
08 | Suite V (BWV 1011) Allemande 5:39
09 | 09 | Suite V (BWV 1011) Courante 2:15
10 | Suite V (BWV 1011) Sarabande 4:14
11 | Suite V (BWV 1011) Gavottes I & II 5:55
12 | Suite V (BWV 1011) Gigue 3:05
SUITE VI, BWV 1012 For Cello Solo
13 | Suite VI (BWV 1012) Prelude 6:19
14 | Suite VI (BWV 1012) Allemande 5:01
15 | Suite VI (BWV 1012) Courante 3:20
16 | Suite VI (BWV 1012) Sarabande 4:02
17 | Suite VI (BWV 1012) Gavottes I & II 4:34
18 | Suite VI (BWV 1012) Gigue 5:04
Album total time: 79:51

Special thanks on this recording go to Ron Mann, executive producer, and to the 54 backers from countries all over the world who supported the creation of this recording through our KICKSTARTER campaign. Your support made ths recording possible in a direct and inspiring fashion!

- Peter Blanchette

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